priceoffire Energy Wars: Popular Movements at Home and Abroad:
a discussion and booksigning

Saturday, April 28

    2 to 4 p.m.
    Kasbah Garden Cafe, 105 Howe St., New Haven, CT
    (Suggested donation: $5)
    Plus, regional community activists will also give reports on energy movements locally and nationally:
    • Frank Panzarella, social justice activist, former director of the Connecticut Council for Occupational Safety and Health, and organizer for "Fight the Hike" (UI/CL&P rate increases). Frank will speak on "Local Resistance to Utility Price Hikes and Deregulation."
    • Bruce Crowder, mechanical engineer and clean energy advocate, will discuss energy regulation, public power and power generation technology in his talk: "Connecticut Power Trip: From Power Plant to Pool Pump and All the Tolls in Between."

    Suggested donation is $5. For further information, call (203) 268-8446.
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