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A message from Between The Lines' executive producer, Scott Harris

Dear Between The Lines Listeners:

Like many of you, I didn't sleep election night. All evening long as the vote totals were coming in, a familiar nausea was setting in that I remembered feeling only one other time in my life. That sensation I remembered from election night 2000, when George W. Bush received less votes than his Democratic Party opponent, and after weeks of turmoil, was appointed to the presidency via an illegitimate Supreme Court ruling.

In the weeks following this election, Trump has shown that he has no intention of unifying the nation. On the contrary, he's made nominations and appointments of political operatives identified with racism, militarism, climate change denial, torture, voter suppression and the privatization of Social Security, Medicare and public education.

outquoteAs John Weaver, a Republican campaign strategist, observed about the naming of Breitbart News executive Stephen Bannon as Trump's chief White House strategist: "The racist, fascist extreme right is represented footsteps from the Oval Office."

With all three branches of government soon to be under the control of Donald Trump's Republican Party, progressives will be fighting defensive battles to protect the hard-fought gains made on many fronts in recent decades, and to beat back extremist initiatives that will further erode civil liberties and human rights.

The next four years are going to be very perilous for the U.S. and the world, like nothing we've ever seen before. Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine will be a place people can turn to find voices of resistance and learn how to effectively engage in the existential fights ahead to defend our democratic values and shield the nation's most vulnerable from the attacks that are sure to come – attacks inspired by racism, hatred and fueled by ignorance.

Between The Lines' Radio Newsmagazine, celebrating our 25th year on the air in 2016, is one of a relatively small handful of independent progressive broadcast outlets in the U.S. that operates in the interest of countering the blatant propaganda of the right. One of our most important goals, especially critical now, is to reach low-information voters with timely, in depth progressive analysis and commentary on major issues of the day, and to act as a bulwark against cynical manipulation by immoral, unprincipled and shameless right-wing politicians and their propagandists.

Without your financial support, Between The Lines would not exist. So please consider making a contribution to support the work our all-volunteer team does every week. The funds you provide help us pay the bills, allowing us to maintain and expand our presence on the radio, Internet and across social media platforms. For your contribution, we are offering thank you gifts (see below).

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Thanks for all your past and continued support -- hoping we can contribute to a more peaceful and just world in 2017!
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In Solidarity,


Scott Harris, Executive Producer, Between The Lines
Squeaky Wheel Productions
and the rest of the Between The Lines crew - Melinda, Bob, Elaine, Richard, Leslie, Anna, Jeff, Susan, Denise, Nigel and Hank

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inequalityliberal complex

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  • Award-winning journalist and 2014 Academy Award nominee Jeremy Scahill's "Assassination Complex"

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